Red Bell Real Estate

Red Bell Real Estate, LLC, headquartered in Midvale, wholly owned by Clayton Holdings LLC, a subsidiary of Radian Group Inc. (NYSE: RDN), enhances its offering of real estate brokerage services to purchasers and sellers with an array of leading-edge pricing and valuation products, including automated valuation models (AVMs) and broker price opinions (BPOs) used by major investors, lenders and loan servicers.

Red Bell uses innovative technology to assist sellers of real estate to better understand local markets throughout the country. Red Bell Real Estate, LLC is a licensed real estate broker in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.  Whether you are selling or buying, Red Bell Real Estate can help you price your property.  After joining nearly 400 MLSs throughout the nation, Red Bell can quickly assist you in assessing the price of a home and provide valuable trending information and analytics to assist you in your selling or buying decision. Red Bell’s automated products leverage state-of-the-art technology and daily data updates to select the best comparables and provide supportable prices in a user-friendly environment.

Automated Valuation Estimator - "AVE"

Through its participation in nearly 400 MLSs throughout the nation, Red Bell can quickly assist in assessing the price of a home and can provide valuable trending information and analytics to facilitate the selling or buying decision.

Red Bell’s products leverage state-of-the-art technology and near real-time data updates to select the best comparables and provide supportable prices in a user-friendly environment.  

With the best MLS coverage in the industry, Red Bell supports its clients when buying or selling a home or a portfolio of homes, and provides institutions the insight needed to successfully complete real-estate initiatives including:

  • Appraisal QC
  • REO
  • Offer Review
  • List Price Review
  • BPO QC
  • Acquisitions
  • Servicing
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Risk Management
  • Re-Purchases
  • Valuation Disputes
  • Collateral Review
AVE Benefits

  • 24/7 availability
  • Instant access to interior photos for subject and comparables
  • MLS data updated daily
  • Ability to export PDF report.
  • Listing history for subject and comparables
  • Powerful trending analytics included
  • Standardized property detail sheets

Asset Watch

When your portfolio is protected by Asset Watch you are automatically notified of any changes made to your listings.  Each property is presented in its best light and provides accurate and complete real-time data.  By using Asset Watch each asset gets the personal attention it requires.  Properties don’t need to be currently listed on the MLS to take advantage of Asset Watch. You can watch your current portfolio to see if any of your borrowers list their home.

Asset Watch is your “personal guard dog for your properties” and monitors properties with loans in default to alert you of the borrower’s MLS activity as well monitoring properties for other strategic dispositions and efforts: 

  • REO Management
  • Servicing
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Risk Management
  • Data Validation
Operational Seal of Excellence
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Disaster Inspection Services

Red Bell provides residential real estate inspection services to help you make informed, real-time decisions on subject properties or portfolios. Our proprietary process leverages an extensive nationwide network of licensed real estate agents and brokers who analyze comps, photos, neighborhood conditions and other relevant data to deliver timely and accurate assessments. What’s more, in times of natural disasters our dependable inspections can help you provide the responsive service your customers expect in their time of need, while ensuring you have the information necessary to accurately determine repair costs.  

  • Available for a variety of uses: Including portfolio inspections, REO inspections, acquisitions, disaster inspections and more 
  • Exterior Inspections: Identify a subject property’s current physical condition and neighborhood attributes
  • Interior Inspections: Current and projected full analysis of subject property’s condition, occupancy status and neighborhood characteristics
  • Distressed Property Inspections: Assess the impact and estimated damages as a result of any natural disasters such as a flood, hurricane or tornado 

Pyramid Platform

Pyramid Platform is a secure web-based portal using task driven management to manage REOs, Rentals, Loss Mitigation and Short Sales. It was designed by users in today’s ever-changing environment who understand that flexibility is paramount. Workflows, Real-Time Reports, Key Performance Indicators, forms and many other items can be customized quickly and adjusted by client and pool. Benefits include: 

  • Live reporting and data warehouse, All data is reportable
  • Ability to trigger tasks by unit
  • Integrated with RedBell Real Estate pricing and valuation products
  • Secure web-based portal with redundant site support
  • Task history includes all completed tasks for absolute transparency 
  • Fields are automatically populated on new forms including names, dates, etc.
  • Task driven workflows
  • Customizable tasks to catch unique events
  • Drag and drop photo upload
  • Closings management & electronic closing disclosure
  • Repair workflow tracks from obtaining bids to post-repair inspections
  • Best-in-class eviction management
  • Expense tracking

Bulk Acquisitions Module

Bidding on small and large pools of loans (non-performing, performing or re-performing) or assets is a complex endeavor.  Our Bulk Acquisition Module allows you to create a workflow for each deal that forces you to follow a structured process.  Track, organize, review and store documents, valuations and files in a centralized location accessible to all your diligence staff and contractors.  Benefits include: 

  • Complete transparency and organization for institutional control
  • Easily add and remove properties from a pool
  • Automated valuation ordering for AVEs, Rental Analyses & BPOs
  • Track tasks by pool or property
  • Customizable task workflows
  • Easy drag and drop document uploader
  • Documents are automatically categorized and labeled in library
  • Data mapping for lien and title reports
  • Data mapping for underwriting and compliance reports
  • Comments section to track all communications 
  • Automatic flow into other task workflows, including REO, Short Sale, etc.

To learn more about how our process works or for more information, please contact us today.